Road Runners Celebrate
In Crucian FestivalÖ

St.Croix, Virgin Islands, 1/4/03--Billy Bohlke and Ruth Ann David are the fastest middle runners in the Virgin Islands.  They proved it on Saturday in the annual 3Kings Mile Road Race which serves as the kick-off of the annual Crucian Festival--3Kings Parade.  Bohlke, a recent graduate of Louisana University, the current Division I NCAA Track and Field Champions, took the lead going to the quarter-mile mark in 70 seconds and half way in 2:10 and never gave it up to cruise across the finish line at the Scale House on King St. in 4 minutes 34 seconds. Greg Johnson, Veteran of V.I. National Cross-Country Team was the second place finisher in 4:59.73; Morgan Locke a top St.Croix Marlins swimmer and Country Day School student, was the first high school male finisher and third overall in 5:05.58.   

Ruth Ann David, a member of the Virgin Islands National Cross-Country Team and Central America and Caribbean National Team was the first place female to finish the race, her time was 5:20.49; Rachel Witty, racing in her carnival costume, finished second in 5:53.35; Theresa Harper, not yet recovered from her winning marathon performance on Wednesday, finished third and was the first masterís female in 5:55.76. 

Troyson Raymond was the top junior high school finisher in 5:24.50; Mackish Taylor, of the Barracudas Track Club was the first childrenís finisher in 6:18.83; Alphonso Andrews was the first masterís finisher in 5:05.88; Julissa Copeman of St. Croix Central High School was the first high school female in 6:45.22; Jo Shim was the first senior female finisher in 6:24.37.

The Finishers Male: 

1.Billy Bohlke 4:34.16; 2.Greg Johnson 4:59.73; 3.Morgan Locke 5:05.58; 4.Alphonso Andrews 5:05.88; 5.George Willocks 5:16.34; 6.Troyson Raymond 5:24.50; 7.Lucien Wallace 5:38.33; 8.Leopold Fredericks 5:41.81; 9.Isreal Attmath 5:42.71; 10.Akil Andrews 5:45.14; 11.McDonald Taylor 5:48.73; 12.Brono Motoute 5:51.35; 13.Kamal Russell 5:59.50; 14.Erol Chichester 6:15.44; 15.Scott Fricks 6:26.27; 16.Stuart Ketchum 6:44.35; 17.Calvin Dasant 6:54.61; 18. Calvin Dasant Jr. 7:05.30; 19.Ronald Russell 7:09.35 

The Finishers Female: 

1.Ruth Ann David 5:20.49; 2.Rachel Witty 5:53.35; 3.Theresa Harper 5:55.76; 4.Earthla Augustin 6:16.59; 5.Mackish Taylor 6:18.83; 6.Jo Shim 6:24.37; 7.Julissa Copeman 6:45.22; 8.Jolene Edwards 6:59.63; 9.Andrea Russell 7:10.72; 10.Judi Fricks 7:14.19 

The next event on the V.I. Pace calendar is the annual Martin Luther King Fort-To-Fort Memorial Run on January 19 at 6am.  The non-competitive run starts at Fort Christianvern in Christiansted and finishes at Fort Frederik in Frederiksted.  For more information call 340-777-0258 or logon to: