Pilot Wins Flight 64 4Mile Road Race...

March 4, 2012--St. Croix, Virgin Islands--Billy Bohlke, a U.S. Air Force a pilot and Bohlke Airways commercial pilot, led a small group of runners to the finish line in the Annual Flight 64 4Mile Road Race on Sunday morning in St. Croix with a time of 24:29.  Ultra-marathon runner Mike Klein lead the race for the first several hundred meters and finished second in 26:46; Shariff Mohammid in his first top three finish, took third place in 28:44; Ivan Espinosa improved on his time from last year and finished fourth in 29:43; Jay Gleason was a close fifth in 29:48; Casey Carr running his first race since high school several years ago, was sixth in 34:54.

Earth Augustin was the first women to finish in 35:31 and Jen Lockwood was second in 36:38.


1] Following the race Billy Bohlke shared some of his thoughts on his running career from when he was a child and running in V.I.Pace Runners races through college at LSU where he was a walk-on and became the team’s top miler and middle distance runner and his running as a member of the Virgin Islands National Team in the cross-country, the marathon, half-marathon and track and field.

2] The name “Flight 64 4Mile Road Race” was coined as per the flat and fast course at the airport on route #64.

3] The next event on the V.I.Pace Calendar is the 11th Annual UVI/Queen Mary Highway 5K Walk/Run on Friday March 23 at 6am.  This event celebrates the founding of the University of the Virgin Islands. It starts at the Sunshine Mall on Queen Mary Highway in Frederiksted and finishes at the University of the Virgin Islands Albert A. Sheen Campus. The race is open to all and hosted by the University of the Virgin Islands, organized by the V.I. Pace Runners and sanctioned by the Virgin Islands Track and Field Federation. 

Registration, including online registration is available on http://virginislandspace.org  

Rainbows in St. Croix Western Sky Greet Flight 64 Runners...

Participants line-up for START of The Flight 64 4Mile…V.I.Pace Runners Photo 320-2011

Ian Cuffy takes flight in the Flight 64 4Mile…V.I.Runners Photo 3-20-2011

3-20-2011 St. Croix, Virgin Islands--A small group of runners ran under the rainbow as it filled the western St. Croix sky Sunday morning. They were led all the way by Ian Cuffy of the St. Croix Track Club and the University of the Virgin Islands.  The Route #64 (Airport Road) from the airport terminal to Melvin Evans Highway West intersection and back is consider to be fast and offers runners the opportunity to perform at their best. Cuffy’s winning time was 25:26; T.J. Vandehey took second place in 29:52; Marc Andre was third in 30:39; Ivan Espinosa was fourth in 32:12; Albert Soo was fifth in 33:44 and Teddy Seymour was sixth in 36:14.

Elizabeth also takes 1st Place for women…V.I.Pace Runners Photo 3-20-2011

Elizabeth Nurnberger was the top female finisher in 33:00; Julie Eckard was second in 33:58 and Sara Ponce was third in 37:44.

For information contact: The V.I.Pace Runners 340-643-2557, logon to: http://virginislandspace.org; email: wallacewilliams@msn.com

Flight 64 Four Mile Road Race… 
Bohlke and Hamdorf win...

3-15-09 St. Croix, Virgin Islands--Billy Bohlke was the first place finisher in the two road races held in St.Croix over the past few days.  He led the way for the annual Flight 64 Four Mile Road Race on Sunday morning and also for nearly 70 runners in The 8th Annual UVI/Queen Mary 5K on Friday morning. His time Sunday was 22 minutes and 30 seconds; David Walter of St.Croix Educational High School was second in 24:16; Ian Cuffy, the Second place finisher on Friday, was third in 24:45; Justin Hitesman, ECHS was third in 26:47; Mike Klein was fourth in 26:56; Scott Fricks was fifth in 29:26; Leon Cole was sixth in 31:57; Don Dority of Colorado was seventh in 32:50. 

Leslie Hamdorf won her first St. Croix race with a time of 30:16; Carol Murphy was second in 32:05 and Sue Dority of Colorado was third in 32:50. 

The next race on the V.I. Pace calendar is the National Library Week Run To Your Library on April 18.


Fricks and Sommers win annual Flight 64 Road Race

 3-18-08 St.Croix, Virgin Islands--Scott Fricks capped his breakthrough effort as a runner by winning his first road race in the Virgin Islands.  The veteran triathlete took charge of Sunday morning’s four mile race to win with a time of 28 minutes and 41 seconds.  Errol Chichester, a veteran of V.I. Pace races, also had a breakthrough effort as he took second with a time of 31:28; Julio Sanchez, who likes marathons over the shorter distances, took third in 34:04; Rey Lutz, in training for a triathlon in China, was fourth in 34:56 and Todd Nurenberger was fifth in 35:13.

 Julie Sommer was the first place (second overall) finisher for females on the flat and fast course which started at the Henry Rohlsen Airport to Melvin Evans Highway West and back, with a time of 31:01. Elizabeth Nurenberger was second in 35:13.

The next race on the V.I. Pace Runners calendar is the National Library Week Run to Your Library on April 19 followed by the Paradise 5K on May 1

Robles/Dusich Win Flight 64 Four Mile...

3-26-06 St.Croix, Virgin Islands--The final race in the Virgin Islands Pace Runners “Run Like the Wind” Road Race Series was run on Sunday morning near the Henry Rohlsen Airport.  Juan Robles was the first place finisher in 22 minutes and 16 seconds, the win Sunday made him the winner of the four-race series.  Tish Dusich was the first place female finisher and second overall in 26:16; Theresa Harper was second and third overall in 27:13 and Erica Switzer was third in 28:48.  Mark Kennedy was the second place male in 29:48 and Will Franks was third in 30:34.   

Juan Robles is the male winner of the “Run Like the Wind” Road Race Series” second place in the Veterans Day 5K in November, and firsts in the St. Croix Metric Mile and the Cane Bay Five Mile Road Race in December and first in the Flight 64 Mile Sunday. Tapia Ceasar of St. Croix Central High School is the second place male finisher in the series and Patric Joy is third. 

Earthla Augustin is the female winner of the “Run Like the Wind” Road Series. She ran all four races in the series which included: the Veterans Day 5k in November, the St. Croix Meteric Mile and the Cane Bay 5 Mile Road Race in December and the Flight 64 Four Mile where she was fifth. Theresa Harper is the second place finisher and Anecia Williams of Eudora Kean High School is third. 

The Finishers Flight 64 Four Mile:

1.Juan Robles, 2. 22:16; 2. Mark Kennedy 29:48; 3. Will Franks 30:34; 4. Troy Holloway 33:16; 5. Dahveed Nelson 54:55; 6. Warren Mosler 54:56.

1.Letitia Dusich 26:16; 2. Theresa Harper 27:13, 3. Erica Switzer 28:48; 4. Heidi Snow 29:29; 5. Earthla Augustin 30:28; 6. Anecia Williams 30:47; 7. Elizabeth O’Toole 39:48; 8. Debbie Aronstein 43:49; 9. Pattie Hensley 43:50

Robles, Augustin win Flight 64 4Mile Road Race…Road Race Series winners announced

 3/14/04 St. Croix, Virgin Islands--High School freshman, Juan Robles led from the start and finished first in the annual Flight 64 4Mile Road Race on Sunday morning near the Henry Rohlsen Airport in St. Croix with a time of 24 minutes 17 seconds. The win on Sunday placed him in first place overall for the  Virgin Islands Pace Runners—Run Like the Wind Road Race Series.  Hansel Estapan of John Woodson Jr. High School, finished second in Sunday’s race in 26:42; Bob Halk was third in 27:43; Kamal Russell fourth 31:00; Hanif Lafond fifth 31:39; Larry Williams six 33:20; Stuart Ketchum seventh 36:25; Doug Inman eighth; Kyle Jackson 41:01. 

Earthla Augustin finshed first in the race with a time of  31:39; Louise Stapleton was second in 34:02 and Mary Beth Jackson third in 41:00.